About My Site

about-me-picLooking back, I was never the type of kid who was fond of flowers or anything green and leafy. I never really imagined myself growing plants. My mom was lucky enough to convince me to help her out in her weeding and landscaping sessions in an exchange for a movie treat. Back then, I used to hear her say: “Plant kindness and you’ll harvest love.” At a young age, I wondered what she meant by those words. Until such time that my life as a grown-up went through its twisted path and my emotional struggles led me to my mother’s garden.

I looked at every plant she had and I saw how well she took care of them. She spent her time and effort in making sure that her plants would grow healthy. She usually made sure that no pests or weeds would interrupt or ruin her garden. I realized that her ways of taking care of those plants were quite similar on how she raised me and my siblings and how she kept our family intact. Her love and passion for gardening taught me the essence of hard work and patience. I aspire to live by her as my inspiration so I started creating my own garden.

My garden is my sanctuary. A symbol of peace and contentment that conveys happiness and satisfaction – this is the comfort I found in having a garden. If, as they say, true happiness lies not in getting what you want but wanting what you have; then probably I have found contentment in the passion I’ve always loved. This is why I want to share everything I learned from the best gardener I’ve known – my mother.

My site can help you with simple gardening and landscaping tricks and tips. Topics about Do-It-Yourself gardening and landscaping as well as animal friendly gardening are also discussed in here. If you want to know design ideas on landscaping and gardening, my site can be helpful for you.

Any gardening experience should teach us a valuable lesson: You can grow anything – but only with the right techniques. I may not be the so-called “professional gardener” as I lack professional experience on gardening, but I am fully aware that my enthusiasm about plants and landscaping can help anyone who’d want to start their own garden.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you have a fun and life-changing gardening and landscaping experience!