Creative Landscaping: Adding a Touch of Zen

Living in a modern world somehow leads to stress and increases our anxiety. Life is full of pressure from work, family, studies and other factors thus, we seem to forget that we are just humans and susceptible to life threatening diseases. As an individual with compassion to the word “quality life,” I am delighted to introduce scenery within your homes that can improve your life for the better.

What does it take to live a life in a tranquil landscape? To the majority, living in a peaceful environment goes with a price considering the high cost of having a magnificent surrounding and large yard that not all of us can afford. But not everything is synonymous to the price, there are some landscapes that could lead us to serenity and peace of mind that does not require enormous wealth, and one of which is Zen.

Zen, a Japanese word, which translates ‘meditation’ is very popular because of its appealing touch to whatever scenery it is incorporated in. I am amazed with the stillness of life every time I am in the presence of an environment with the essence of Zen. Time seems motionless and the marvelous scenery refreshes my soul and inspires me to embrace life with happiness and enthusiasm.

How can an individual create an atmosphere with the touch of Zen? We all know that a Zen landscape must include several features and factors to achieve a tranquil atmosphere, and I am jubilant to share them to you.

A Pond of Life

My definition of Zen includes a pond which is the central feature of the landscape. It must include colorful fishes and other aquatic resources, which portrays the abundance of life in this water feature. Thus, when individuals take a glimpse of it, may help them realize the beauty and color of life.

This water feature represents our quest to prosperity but, tranquil lives. Also, the sound and physical features of the water provide magical substances that cleanse our soul and wash away our negative emotions and thoughts. It helps rejuvenate ourselves to a much better and peaceful life.

The Old Wise Bonsai

The presence of a Bonsai in a Zen landscape creates a great impression to the beauty of time and knowledge. Thus, whoever sees these wonderful ornaments is impressed by the artistry of its character, and the intricacy of the mind of its creator. These plants must be placed ideally near the pond since both of them represent the richness of lives in the water and on the land.

The Vibrancy of Colors & Styles

Ornaments in Zen must be carefully chosen. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive but instead, they must create harmony with the others may it be in colors, textures or shapes. Having the ideal plants, you can add glitters to the rocks and sand in the surrounding area.

We should also maintain the orderliness in size and length of the greeneries. Make sure each of them is being highlighted and not being overshadowed by the others. Remember, you are not aiming for a landscape of jungle, but for scenery of harmony.

Touches of Compassion

An individual grown with compassion are more successful, attractive and positive. Thus, these characters are very essential to an abundant Zen. The more abundant it is, the more relaxing it can make you feel.

An individual should spend a great deal of time growing plants and maintaining the beauty of the landscape. Make sure the plants and other ornaments in the landscape are properly grown so that, one will not fail to witness the luster of the place. Somehow, having a Zen garden is like raising a family worthy of your time, hard work and compassion.

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