Green and Functional: Ornamental Plants for your Garden

Ornamental grasses 
are growing popular these days and they are commonly used in home gardens and landscaping projects. They bring color, movement and texture to your garden which makes them versatile for many gardeners.

These grasses can easily adapt to any type of soil and they require little maintenance. They simply are perfect for your garden. You can even plant them with perennials since they complement each other. They bring beauty and appeal to your garden.

So here are some gardening tips you should know about when you plan to grow ornamental grasses to your yard:

Select the Right Type

There are two major types of ornamental grasses – warm season grasses and cool season grasses. Warm season grasses do well with the warm weather and they grow slowly. Japanese silver grass, maiden grass, fountain grass and hardy pampas grass are warm season grasses.

Cool season grasses grow best during spring when the temperature is low and there is moisture in the air. Blue fescue grass and feather red grass survive the cold temperature.

So you must consider what type and when you will plant your ornamental grass. This is to maintain the green color in your garden.

Plan your landscape

Ornamental grasses are perfect addition to your landscape project but make sure to plan it well. When you have a sketch of your landscape, you must consider where to put the greenery in order to beautify your garden. You can have vertical and long grasses along your perennials or clump ones in the corners.

Spreaders could be a good choice for groundcovers but the only problem is they spread rapidly. So make sure you know what you want to achieve with your landscape. You can consult an expert if necessary.

Prepare the area

Make sure you choose a spot that has fertile soil and receives a generous amount of sunlight. You can plant your grass from seeds or set them in divisions.

Make sure that you create gaps between the plants so there is movement when they grow. Water them regularly especially in growth period so they can grow healthy and strong.


Ornamental grasses require little attention once they have matured and they are low-maintenance plants. They can tolerate plant diseases and drought so you don’t have to worry much.

But during the growing season, make sure to give them their necessities. You must prune them annually to maintain a clean and beautiful garden.

You can start planting your grasses at early spring, so they are strong and healthy once winter arrives. Make sure to add mulch to your soil in order to protect them from frost and cold in winter days. With these grasses you can attract beneficial animals such as bees, butterflies and birds to your yard.

Ornamental grasses play different roles in your garden – ground covers, borders and even fillers. They easily adapt to soils and climates which makes them one of the favorite choices of gardeners.

You can also choose from a wide variety of ornamental grasses in your local nursery. So when you are planning to have a garden in your yard, make sure to include ornamental grasses to your list.

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