Attracting Wildlife to Your Yard

For many people, one of the best things about looking out on their property is seeing a variety of different types of wildlife coming in and out. Whether it is small animals like birds and squirrels, raccoons or even large animals like a deer, there are ways to help attract a diverse set of wildlife to your yard by planting specific types of plants or adding in different objects to your yard.

There are also ways to help discourage wildlife from coming to your yard if you don’t like certain types of animals. There are many different products on the market designed specifically to either bring animals to your yard or keep them away. The secret is to have the idea of what you need to attract or keep away wildlife.

Managing Wildlife

Keeping your property looking great is important for most people, and while animals can add some diversity to the landscape, they can also wreck many different types of plants and other landscaping items quickly. With this in mind, it is important to give careful thought to your entire project before getting started.

Welcoming the Wildlife

If you like the animals coming to your yard, you need to make sure that you take that into account when choosing the plants and other items to use in the area. Providing them with sufficient food to keep them from wanting to eat the plants you don’t want to be damaged is one good idea. For many animals such as birds, you can easily add a variety of bird feeders which are much easier for them to enjoy rather than have them digging through your yard for worms.

Sneaking Wildlife in with Food

For larger animals such as raccoons, you can provide them with specific areas to eat. These types of animals will eat a wide range of things including table scraps. Just keep in mind that they are wild animals and even if they look cute and cuddly, they can quickly become aggressive if they feel threatened. Encouraging this type of animal to visit your yard can be a problem because if they don’t find the food they are looking for, they may begin searching in garbage cans and other areas which can create a mess in your yard or garden.

Even Wildlife Loves a Snack

Finally, large animals such as deer would love to stop by for a snack. Planting things such as fruit trees and bushes that offer food at a level which they can reach is a great option. Some people even plant gardens specifically for deer, including things like corn and beats will get these beautiful animals interested.

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