Driftwood Landscaping: The New Trend

Driftwood is the additional material for any landscaping idea. It is easy to incorporate driftwood to the natural environment. It naturally compliments the elements of your garden, enhancing the landscape more.

It can easily be sanded, carved or finished in order to achieve the texture, look and shape you want. Whether you plan to make small projects like a birdhouse or larger projects such as sculptures or furniture for your yard, with driftwood you can definitely have products that are unique.

Landscape Functions of Driftwood

  • You can use driftwood to create planters, add orchids, bromeliads and airplants. You can then attach it to a tree or wall and for days, monitor how these plants make its way to the crevices and cracks of the wood. In just a few weeks your wall will be covered with flowers and shoots that add to the beauty of your landscape.
  • Place a large piece of driftwood in an area of your yard which seems to have been overlooked before or seems to have no purpose. You can also surround the driftwood with wild flowers and sea grass. In due time, you will have a sculpture that looks natural on that spot.
  • If you have a water feature such as pond or water fountain, adding driftwood will give it a natural look. It can also be used as an appealing and unique water fountain if you use your creativity and the right tools.
  • Make a DIY mailbox by binding together long driftwood pieces and then attaching a box at the end. You can also create a DIY chandelier from driftwood’s thin pieces and use it for outdoor hanging. You can use candles, veins and pretty flowers to achieve the chandelier look.
  • You can also have retaining walls for flower beds using 8-inch linear driftwood pieces and then gently sink them to the ground. You can also create large ones using large logs of driftwood.
  • Thick driftwood pieces can also be used as benches or chairs. Make sure to place them in strategic places in your garden. Add a driftwood table so you can read a book while having your hot coffee in your garden.
  • Archway made from driftwood can make an elegant entrance to your garden. You friends or guests will be really impressed by having this kind of welcome.
  • DIY wind chimes from driftwood arealso possible. Hang different sizes of driftwood on the fishing line and then suspend them on driftwood. Every time the wind blows, the clanking of the driftwood makes you feel relaxed.
  • Get a planter box, attach driftwood pieces and then add some moss in between the cracks.  Instantly, you have an attractive flower box for your flowers.

There are endless possibilities using driftwood as a landscaping material to beautify your yard. With creativity, driftwood can be anything you want for your garden to make it look more beautiful and breathtaking.

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