Hard but Stylish: What is Sandstone Paving?

Sandstone paving is currently used by many landscape designers because of its function and its convenience for many homeowners. They are used to form driveways, patios or sidewalks. For landscape, they are used as borders, garden walls and even benches.

They are also used as retaining walls and steps around the swimming pool. One can make use of varying sizes, colors and shapes of sandstone in order to making an appealing design.

Stone paving is one of the processes many landscape designers and homeowners incorporate with their landscaping project. The stones are placed on top of each other to create walls around the pool or garden bed.

So before we talk about the uses and how you can improve your landscape with stone paving, you have to know the different sandstones and what their uses are:

  • Grey – The grey color comes from silica calcite and found to be sturdy and flexible enough for many uses.
  • Beige–It is considered strongand durable sandstone which is why it considered the top choice of many homeowners.
  • Rainbow –It is a combination of quartz and other minerals.If you can’t find any kind of sandstone that fits your needs, then rainbow might beyour answer.
  • Yellow– Yellow sandstone is perfect for any wet area such as the swimming pool. They are constantly exposed to harsh conditions so they are not easily eroded.
  • Red –It has a smooth surface but still, it is durable and weather-resistant. It is perfect for ornate rather than the paving.
  • Dark brown–The color comes from the iron oxide which is highly present in the stone. Marks can’t be easily traced in this kind of stone.

Function of Sandstone Paving

These stones are not only used to enhance your landscape, they also hold some properties essential for the survival of plants.

These stones are used around the swimming pools in order to create an elegant surface. The earth color of the sandstone makes it a perfect combination with the blue hue of the pool.

Pool personnel make use of sealer so sandstone can be protected from harsh conditions. They are also placed at the corners of the pool to soften the edges. They treat the stones with coatings to avoid the situation of people slipping.

They are also used for steps that lead to your patio, porch or door.  These stones are durable enough to be used in retaining walls. This is definitely an important project for landscaping.

Another use of stones in landscaping is stone cladding. This is usually used indoor around your fireplace. For outdoors, it is made into walls used either for drainage system or for the beautification of the landscape.

Kinds of Stone Cladding

Solid Stone – It is used by homeowners for their chimneys and walls. For outdoors, it is used for more decorative purposes. It is relatively heavy to carry around places.

Faux Stone–It is manufactured as artificial stone which seems to look and feel like real one. It comes in variety, sizes and shapes but the only difference is the weight.

Polyurethane Foam Panels – This is a light-weight kind of stone that is resistant to moisture and light. It is used for interior walls.

Choosing your stone is essential for the improvement of your garden. One should have the basic knowledge of the stones. And they should also incorporate the stones with the house design. It could be use to build durable walls for aesthetic and functional purposes of your garden. Stones should definitely be part of your landscaping project.

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