Stones: Hard and Soft Designs for your Landscape

Natural stones are the best accessories and bring out the beauty of your landscape. However, many homeowners do not know how to incorporate these stones in their garden and they can’t choose which one suits their garden well. There are a lot of ways on how to be creative with these stones so one must have a well-planned design in order to achieve an appealing and relaxing outdoor space for your family and home.

While you might have the idea on what you should put in your yard, you should also start to think about the stone style you will use. There are various types of landscaping stones being used today in most gardens.

It is important you know the features and use of each one so you can make a decision on what stone and where to put it in your landscape. Here are some great options of landscaping stones for you:

  • Sandstone – It is considered the most cost-effective stone among the choices. It comes in different colors so you can definitely find one that fits your garden the best. It is a perfect choice in building walls.
  • Limestone – It is used to build walls even though it is not good in absorbing water. It comes in white grey, tan and black colors.
  • Granite – It comes in pink or red shades and other colors might be hard to find. You can find them in medium or fine grain. Since it is considered the strongest landscaping stones, it is used as stepping walls or stones.
  • Marble – It comes in pink, white, yellow, brown and white colors and considered an elegant stone because of its fine grain. This is the reason why many homeowners love them. It is also good in absorbing water so it is usually placed around the pool for functional and aesthetical purposes.
  • Slate – It comes only in black, green and red colors. However, homeowners love them because it is water-resistant. So if you plan to make a man-made feature around your pool, then slate is your best stone option.

In addition to these stones, there are also tumbled, non-tumbled and natural stones. River rock, sand and water are mixed together in order to create stones that look like they have been exposed to hard weather.

They are stones that look like the natural ones you find in the garden but they have smooth surfaces. They are also great for patios and paths because they are not slippery.

On the other hand, non-tumbled stones have sharp edges and they create a focal point in your garden. Natural stones are the ones you naturally find in your garden and they look weathered since they are exposed to different conditions.

Stones are definitely one-of-a-kind accessories to your garden and they look natural just by being there. Placing them at the right spots enhances your landscape in numerous ways. So bring out your creativity and start designing your landscape.

Make sure to use the stone according to its features so you can achieve its functional and aesthetical purposes. Design your landscape with these gorgeous stones now!

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