Get Rid of a Tree Stump the Safe Way

Trees add appeal to your garden and provide the necessary shade for your home and your plants. However, the stump that is left behind after cutting down the tree seems to destroy the look of the landscape.

Removing it might be ideal but it is really essential that you get it out of the yard. Trees such as oaks have deep roots so it might be difficult to deal with rather than trees with shallow roots such as silver maples. So here are some helpful tips on how to get those tree stumps away and restore the beauty of your landscape:

Make Use of a Machine

Digging up the tree stump might be ideal but it might have a structural damage to your home. This is why you need the help of a stump grinder. This machine has a snipping blade that has tipped teeth that chew those stumps away.

However, they can only reach a depth of 10-12 inches. If you don’t have this machine at home, then find a company that offers this kind of service for an affordable price. Let them do the work for you.

Make sure that when using the machine, no people, especially children, is nearby. Also have protection on when you are doing the task since the spinning blade will make debris fly all over the place that might hurt you or nearby people.

Dig it with Your Hands

If your tree has shallow roots, then you might consider digging it by the hand. Make use of digging tools such as hoe, shovel, axe, root saw and winch. Dig around the stump until you expose the roots and make use of the root saw or axe in order to cut them.

Then use the winch in order to pull the stump out of the ground. Make sure you know how to use a winch; it can be a dangerous tool if not properly used.

Make use of Chemicals

If you do not have time for some physical work, then chemicals can help you solve your problem. These chemicals will decompose the stump which might take some time. These chemicals have potassium nitrate that will make your stump rot.

To get started, drill holes directly on the stump 8-10 inches deep and then place the chemicals in the holes. Make sure to add water so the chemicals can make its way through the very deep part of the stump. Then, make sure to cover up the stump so your children and pets will not get in contact with the toxic chemical.


Burning is another method to get rid of tree stump. In the process, make use of chemicals to create hole on the stump to make it easier to burn. Make sure to check around if there are flammable or light materials that can be easily ignited with fire. A piece of advice, make sure to use makeshift stove before you start the fire.

Removing tree stumps is an easy but tedious task. You can make use of either of these methods to help you get rid of the eyesore and restore the beauty of your landscape. Make sure the chemicals and the tools you use are kept away from children’s reach.

However, you can also incorporate tree stumps in your garden if you think they look beautiful for your landscape. Polishing it and making it as a natural chair or table on the spot will do the trick.

You can also have flower gardens around it and place an appealing structure on the stump. There are creative ways in order to make a tree stump an additional structure to improve landscape.

The choice is yours as a homeowner whether to get rid of a tree stump or not. Just take the necessary precautions for the safety of you and your family.

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