Solve your Drainage Problems in a Creative Way

Landscaping stones are truly magnificent accessories for your garden that definitely enhance your landscape. However, they are also ideal to deal with the draining issues in your landscape. You can make retaining walls, walkways, borders and more with these stones. Here are some ways you can make your landscaping stones into drainage designs in order to eliminate those pooling water that damage your garden.

Water Pooling Damages your Garden

It is definitely a headache if you see pooling of water in your garden after a heavy rain. It can really destroy your garden and can become a breeding home for insects such as mosquitoes.

So in order to channel away the water and retain the beauty of your landscape, landscaping stones are ideal options. They are also aesthetically beautiful and they look natural on your garden.

Types of Landscaping Stones

Retaining wall is the one of the effective water drainage system for your landscape. It is really a must-have for your property in order to drainthe accumulated water in your garden and prevent erosion.

It is essential to consider the factors such as wall design and type of stone to ensure your garden is safe. Also these structures should be durable enough to handle great amount of water.

  • Creek rock – This rock has a smooth finish and you can usually find them in the bottom of rivers, lakes and creeks. It is usually round in shape and 6-12 inches in diameter, providing a strong base for your garden wall. Water just flows over these rocks without getting into crannies and nooks, so they are effective for water drainage.
  • Fieldstones–This type of stone can be broken and shaped according to your needs. They are used in order to create a strong wall that can hold moisture and water. They are naturally water-resistant. Garden walls using fieldstones are usually constructed with mortar to provide a stone water-proof barrier. You can effectively eliminate water in your garden using these stones.
  • Assorted rubble–Rubble means different kinds of rocks and stones that come in varying sizes and shapes. You can typically gather them from around your property and are best for short and small walls. They are perfect for flower and vegetable gardens to keep the water from pooling around them.
  • Flagstone – They come in irregular shapes and are usually placed in retaining walls with small spaces. These gaps prevent the stones from erosion because of water and soil pressure. Gravel and sand filler can also increase the water drainage.

Other Uses

Stone pathway is also a great drainage system for your landscape and also perfect for aesthetic purposes. They make their way through your gardens or trees that create a movement around your landscape.

Stones placed in strategic points in your garden prevent weeds and other plants to grow. Also they look natural with the plants.

Contact a Good Supplier

It is essential that you have a good supplier for your landscaping needs. They have wide varieties of stones you need in order to build a strong garden wall to drain water.

They are equipped with knowledge on what stones are perfect for your project. You can order and have them delivered in your home in order to start your retaining wall project.

Stones come in shapes and colors that you can use in numerous ways. They can simply be accessories to enhance your landscape or can be functional asdrainage walls.

This landscaping stone project must not only serve as garden walls but also should complement the exterior look of your home. Be creative and make use of the available stones to keep your garden healthy and your landscape beautiful.

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