Pool and Landscaping in One

A pool is definitely a beautiful addition to your property. It brings that appeal to your overall landscape. It is also a good source of enjoyment for family and friends. It could also be the special attraction during events or occasion such as big parties.

This is the reason why homeowners pay much attention for the beautification of the pool. Having right pool landscaping ideas can help someone achieve privacy, appeal and shelter for your pool.


Adding gorgeous flowers and garden pots around your pool will enhance its appeal and will also soften the sharp edges of the structure. Use your creativity and the beauty of your plants will surely make an attraction for your yard. Make sure that the design will complement the house; this is a very important factor to consider achieving an attractive pool.


To make your pool your private sanctuary, you should focus on fencing and vegetation. Putting around borders in your yard will keep you out of sight of neighbors.

Placing trees and plants on strategic places around the pool will also do the trick. Make sure all will incorporate with the design you want to achieve for your pool so you can achieve both privacy and beauty.


Shade or shelter is essential to any kind of pool. This is to protect you and your guests from the heat of the sun while out of the water.

Trees and umbrellas will prove enough shade for the pool. You can also have furniture around the pool where your family and guests can rest while enjoying your garden.

Researching on some great landscaping ideas for the pool will help you in planning and redesigning your pool. Make sure to consider these factors when improving your pool landscape.

Other Factors to Consider

Type of Pool

You can choose from concrete or vinyl pool. Concrete are a bit expensive but you can come up with different designs. Select the shape and size you feel suited for your home.

A concrete pool is more elegant and you can choose from wide color options available. On the other hand, vinyl pools are way cheaper but you only have limited choices.

Patios and Decks

They definitely do a good job in enhancing your landscaped pool. They are usually placed on either side of the pool where family and guests can relax. Using natural stones and bricks for your patios is ideal for your landscape and improves its appeal.

Landscaping Stones

Using rocks and boulders in varying sizes and shapes, one can add a natural look to your pool. You could have rock formation in your water structure for a more relaxing effect.

Remember, all these landscaping ideas must not make your pool stand out above the rest of our property. These should make it blend with the exterior look of your house. This is why pool landscaping is a bit difficult than any other landscaping ideas.

You should make it an extension of your indoor living.  Keep in mind these tips and you will surely have a landscaped pool that is appealing and functional both at the same time.

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